Three Reason to Get Your Kiddos in Canvas Painting Workshops

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This summer we are offering three different workshops for painting canvases (and of course making awesome sweet treats) with different themes.  During our three weeks of summer workshops, we have a new canvas theme each week starting with watermelons.  The second week we are painting popsicles (bomb pops to be specific) and the last week ice cream cones.  Check out the masterpieces that are similar to what your kiddos can create.

Here are a few fun photos from works in progress!

Okay, now for our three top reasons to get your kiddos into art classes that teach painting canvases.

First of all, it is great for building self esteem.  Going through the creative process and and coming out on the other side with a masterpiece than can be put up in the family home is super rewarding.  With talented instructors to teach the steps and encourage your child, they are bound to feel successful upon completion.

Second, interacting with children in the same age range while creating a piece of art opens up a space for connection.  This time is priceless as kids are working intensely on their own masterpieces while chatting with new friends.  As the mind is engaged in the creating, it has less time for anxiety and worries.  This make the conversations pretty fun and happy.

Third, painting takes focus.  Through the sequence of painting steps, your child will practice focusing.  The ability to focus is invaluable at school, in the workplace and in life.

So, give us a call or come in and sign up today.  Each workshop lasts 90 minutes and is great for ages 6+.

Dates and Times:

Watermelon – July 12th at 12:30
Popsicle – July 18th at 2:30
Ice Cream Cone – July 24th at 2:30


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