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We love appreciating teachers at Beyond the Blackboard.  We think it is so important to take time and energy out of the day to day life to find ways to let teachers know how special they are.  We concentrate on carrying items in our stores that we feel confident teachers will love.  For this special week, Teacher Appreciation Week, of the year we have created a unique shopping experience for our customers.  There are containers that can be personalized and lots of great items (from markers to bath bombs) for filling.  We even have special tags to tie on once the container is filled and tied with ribbons that makes it a ready-to-go gift.

Okay, let’s take a look at some of our favorite picks for teachers starting with these awesome storage organizers from Holster Brands.  These pocket organizers stick to most counters, tables, white boards, windows and mirrors.  They create a fantastic place for organizing materials in the classroom and at home (while adding “pops” of brightness to the decor).

Next up, ooly!  The markers, pens and paints from ooly are top notch.  We have tested them and use them ourselves in our creations, planners and journals so we know.  Teachers love to receive gifts that they can use.  They also love to receive things that they want but might not buy for themselves.  These magnificent writing tools totally fit the teacher gift criteria.

If your classroom is going in together to get a gift, we recommend a personal die cut machine from Sizzix.  It is easy to transport between home and school and creates a unique and easy peasy way to add creativity and organization to the classroom.  The Sizzix Big Shot comes with everything you need for cutting.  All that needs to be added are the die shapes.  We have the catalog here in the store so you can choose from hundreds.  We are kind of crushing on the sock monkey designed by our very own Laura Kelly!

Another great gift that might be from a classroom is a Letter Light Box.  Teachers LOVE to use these to create messages for inspiring their students and reinforcing new skills.

Teachers also love personalized notes.  You can order from five different ‘Me and My Peeps’ designs.  You can even download the order form and have it ready!

Hardback children’s literature is a fabulous way to show appreciation.  Giving the gift of a quality book adds to a classroom library for years to come.  Your child can write a message in the inside cover which creates a beautiful memory for a teacher.

We have lots to choose from in the stores.  If you want to download our printable gift tag to use, we would love to share it.

So think about this.  If you have a kiddo in school, they probably spend 7 hours a day (5 days a week) with their teacher as their main source of guidance.  With approximately 180 school days in a year, this is about 1260 hours.  Don’t you think they deserve something awesome and special.  We are here to help you pick out the perfect things for the teachers in your life.  Come in and see us!


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