The Three Top Reasons to Read with Your Kids

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We hear it all the time, reading with your kids is so important.  Schools send home charts and graphs to fill in that document the minutes kids read at home.  Lots of books get labeled, “Great Read Aloud”.  We carry all kinds of books in our retail stores.  We also have a complete book room setup that is used is schools as a resource center focused on learning through books.  We are excited to share with you our top three reasons to read with your kids.

Reason One

Reading creates exposure for your children to access rich new language and vocabulary while being introduced to diverse content.

Reason Two

Reading with children (of all ages) supports their minds in being prepared to succeed in school and extracurricular environments.

Reason Three

Reading with your children is a great opportunity to strengthen family bonds and create a tighter, more close-knit family.

We polled some customers about the strategies that work in their families when it comes to reading together.  Here are some of the suggestions we have to share.

  1. Create a family library where books are shared.  Unless a book is a special gift to a member, it goes in the family library.
  2. Have books readily available around the home.  Keep cookbooks out in the kitchen.  When traveling, have books about the destination on the coffee table.  Have joke books and games books in the pocket of the car.
  3. Go to the library on a regular basis.  Explore the different section and bring lots of books home.  Sometimes young kids benefit from having a book basket that they use to bring them home and keep them together until it is time to return them.
  4. Have a family poetry night where everyone shares some of their favorite poems.
  5. Gift the gift of books for special occasions, accomplishments and holidays.
  6. We are here as a resource to support you in you family reading journey.  With several teachers on staff (and lots of moms), we would love to work with you to choose books that will be great in your home.


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