About Beyond the Blackboard

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For over a decade we have been proud to sell the most inspirational and effective educational products we could get our hands on.  We pride ourselves on selling unique products that are designed to engage children and parents alike throughout the learning process. We have seen positive reinforcement of our efforts through excited customers who find themselves eager to learn and are able to use great critical thinking through the use of our toys and teaching products.

Beyond the Blackboard’s story started when sisters Jean Boylan and Jacqueline Killian put toether their passion for education with their entrepreneurial spirits to create a one of a kind educational establishment. Their goal was to help nurture the confidence of children both in and out of the classroom, while creating life long learners who exercise their inquisitive minds to have fun and be creative. Our merchandise enables parents and teachers to explore the world one subject at a time with the kids in their lives.

Today, we have two beautiful retail stores filled with everything from science kits and baby toys to arts and crafts and teacher supplies.  We are a local business that thrives on word of mouth and loyal customers. Our staff members are well versed on our merchandise and are happy to help bud your creativity in expanding the curious minds of children. Our inspiration comes from many of the children and families that come into our store, so please don’t hesitate to pop in. See you soon!